Trevor Flinn TWIG residency Manangatang

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The last of our farmstay Twigs was spectacular.. it was a ‘very big twig’.. We walked barefoot through the bush, through a walkway lined with mallee roots and branches, and reflected on the land, abundance and the cycle of all things.

A little further along was the dry dam bed which had been made into a labyrinth for us to walk through. I don’t think I have ever walked in a labyrinth before – and – I found it meditative and marvellous.

On the return walk back to our main Twig fire a blue light appeared in the distance.. as we walked closer we saw the side of a truck trailer had become a cinema screen. The film Trevor had made of his stay in Manangatang cycled over and over. I am not sure if it was us taking on the calm of the labyrinth.. or the sheer unexpectedness of a film being played in the open night sky on a farm in the middle of the mallee.. but we oohhhed.. and ahhhhed.. collectively for several minutes.
One of the images captured on the screen was of a white kangaroo which lives on the farm. The kangaroo was a recurring image throughout the Twig event, with her likeness being created out of deadwood and lit, watchful over our Twig activities.

The original soundscape for this event was made by John Britten – it’s lovely and really worth a listen.

There are literally hundreds of photographs of this event.. please check back to see more over the next week or so. Kim

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