Film Commissions

In 2011 South West Arts in conjunction with the ACRE Committee produced two short documentaries which highlights the resilience of their local community. Follow the links to watch the films.

The Conargo Shire, the Conargo Community and
Film Maker Helen Newman worked together to produce

Market to Market.

Conargo is a vibrant rural community situated on the edge
of the vast, flat and virtually treeless Hay Plains.
In 2011, following a crippling 10 year drought, the people
of Conargo stepped in front of the camera to share
stories of their lives during this time.
The resulting film is a glimpse into a welcoming, resilient
and fun loving community.

The Wakool Shire, the Moulamein Community and
Film Maker Malcolm McKinnon worked together to produce

Hit me on the Head with a Raindrop
(a testament to resilience).

Moulamein, in the Riverina region of New South Wales, is
an in-land town built on the junction on a river and a creek.
What happens to a place like this when it doesn’t rain for years on end, when the water isn’t flowing and there’s certainly not enough of it to grow the crops that provide people with their livelihood?
What do people do in times like this? How do they survive?

This is a story about resilience and about the collective endeavour required to sustain life in challenging times.

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