ACRE news..

It’s been a while since we’ve written up our news here at ACRE.
However, during all this time we have been flat out wrapping up TWIG, talking about TWIG – far and wide [more on that in a minute], planning our next projects for 2013 by talking with our farming and artist networks, and negotiating having TWIG head to WA in 2014!

So, where have we been?
In September, Ian travelled to Gawler in Qld, to speak about ACRE at the Creative Communities 3 – Risks and Possibilities conference at the Griffith University. He presented his paper, Seed of Renewal – the farmer and the artist

A month later and Kim was off to the Regional Arts Australia conference in Goolwa to do a short presentation about TWIG.

.. and now? Ian is visiting the arts collective M12 in North America, for an intensive week or so. More about M12 here!

We are also talking with one of our TWIG funders about a high profile exhibition of some of the TWIG pictures and sculptures..

By getting our TWIG concept out and about, we have been approached by other arts organisations in Victoria and WA about using our model of grass roots farmer/artist engagement in their rural communities. I expect TWIG Artist Trevor Flinn could travel the world doing farm residencies. The rural arts equivalent of couch surfing!

For our next venture in 2013, we are taking what we have learned in past projects and devolving that into a new model of artist and farmer collaboration. We are also drawing in some new artists representing diverse mediums to create a dynamic NEW project. We are also utilising the great resource we now have in our TWIG farmers, to get them to nominate the farms where this new project will go. We are building, building, building networks.. and creating new spaces for arts creation.

Watch this space for more news!


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