Twig # 3 Keri-Keri

Installation of rusting pipe – Artist Andrew Dowling
Andrew Dowling and Tarsh Rodda run a 60,000 acre Merino stud just south of Balranald in NSW.
Trevor arrived at Keri-Keri on Monday the 18 June and on Friday the 22nd June approximately twenty guests arrived for a very wintery Twig.

Between my visit on Thursday morning with cold grey skies threatening rain, to the Friday night Twig, it was obvious that there had been an enormous amount of work undertaken in moving the many works in progress to the site, and then completing these and others.

Big skies and space – lots of it – played a large part in the famers’ and artist’s installation of work. From the large ram standing sentinel at the drive in to the site, smaller and larger works were dotted across the landscape illuminated by a variety of lighting, the night hiding the network of leads crisscrossing back to the generator.

Little did we know that these few short days would see the beginning of a critical partnership between not only art and agriculture stakeholders but also those with an interest in aeronautical design. Who would have thought? With clear skies and a slight breeze, Trevor and Andrew busied themselves with prelaunch preparations. The surprise unveiling of the Keri-Keri rocket was greeted with much excitement as the small crowd counted down at the launch pad.
After an initial delay with some of the forward boosters, lift off was achieved at 9.43 pm EST. I.T.

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2 thoughts on “Twig # 3 Keri-Keri

  1. I am extremely disappointed to have been at work. Looks beyond sensational. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be launched into space… the chance was there… so close!

    1. The photographs Ian took are great, aren’t they? However they are poor substitute for being there.. in the freezing cold.. warming yourself by the fire.. lit by the glow of a giant ram..

      Apparently the rocket launch was extraordinary!

      Please make sure you can make it to the next one on the 20th July in Manangatang..

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