Twig #1 at Farnley – Nyang Woolshed

The first TWIG event occured on Friday 4th of May just out of the NSW town of Moulamein, on a property owned by Peter Redfearn. The event centred around the historic Nyang Woolshed. Artist Trevor Flinn created installations from found objects on the property, local musicians played and neighbours and friends enjoyed soup, scones, tea and coffee around a Twig Fire.

Around 25 people attended the first in the series of 5 rural Twig events scheduled between May and August.

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3 thoughts on “Twig #1 at Farnley – Nyang Woolshed

    1. Hi Fiona [Kim here] – thanks for the comment!
      Jane took some footage – so hopefully you will get to hear some of the chat, the artist and farmer’s speeches and some of the lovely soundscape that was created especially for Trevor’s evocative and quirky installations.
      Ian will supply some more detail to this post when he gets a chance as well.. Twig residency #2 is only a couple of weeks away – so there will be more posted on here soon..

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