acre – artist on farms project TWIG

A group of ACRE enthusiasts met in late January to discuss our exciting upcoming projects. ‘TWIG’, our artist on farms project April – August 2012 was discussed. An artist will be ‘in-residence’ on 4 farms over as many months. He will spend one week with each of the farming families, work with them, talk with them and together they will create an arts outcome to be presented at a TWIG [or ‘Twiggy’], which is a small informal campfire gathering which appears to be a tradition peculiar to farming communities in the Mallee and southern Riverina. At the end of each ‘residency’, there will be a TWIG event on or adjacent to the farm. Friends and farming colleagues will be invited. The final event in the project is the ‘artist’s TWIG’. Local artists will be invited to work with Trevor over a week to create an arts outcome in the tiny rural community of Speewa. This event will be open to a wider public audience.

Talking with the group re-inforced our understanding of the role of fire in bringing people together to share stories in the country. The ease of talking while sitting and looking into the flames of a fire can encourage an openness that might otherwise be suppressed. The addition of an artist of the calibre, and experience of Trevor Flinn will ensure there are some unique arts outcomes presented at each of the events.

Project dates will be posted here at a later date.

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